August 08, 2009

The 7th Day of Month

We, turkish university students...We get money from our parents usually in the beginning of every month or in the middle of month(depends on our parents salary) and we get our scholarship/loan from the government every 7th day of the month..When we get those money first we pay our rent, electricity bills, gas, internet, and go to market for our monthly shopping etc..anyway allmost all of the money which is taken by parents finish at the same day...and deal with the scholarship for rest of the month but ofcourse it is never enough and at least last 10 days of month allmost no money..And in this ten days always dreaming about the 7th day and u make plans about it, like i will go to restourant and have a nice dinner, i m gonna drink untill to get wasted, buying credits for mobile etc...but whenever u get this money u can never do this things becouse u have to pay back the money which u borrowed from friends and other emergency this money never works for u but it is really very nice about thinkin about that day and i guess all students after they graduate will feel sth deep and nice every 7th day of month...

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