August 10, 2009


Along with lots of impossibilities, struggles and problems u start university.Since beginning of education(primary school) everyone expects and want you go to university without considering what you want to do or you have some talents about sthelse. And find yourself in a long maraton run. While this process you are exactly a kid and nobody cares about it. They think that they want the best for you(no matter what you want ofcourse). So without a good education you just learn things by heart, your thoughts are killed, your creativity is killed by teachers and eucation system..Anyway if you are lucky you can go to a good high school and your exact target university becomes the only thing to think about and care. So you can not have fun in this young ages, or live your life like a teenager and everyone expects you to act like an adult. For passing the university exams you have lots of studies, private courses etc your day and night is all about to pass this fooish exam.Somehow if you are luck as me you start university. Today when i woke up i just checked the result of my final exams and i learnt that i finished. Now I m trying to remember first day of my uni life and my thought...It has been 4 years and as I remember I was very idealist as all the students..But now real life is waiting for me right there and I dont feel I m ready for it. To graduate from university is kind of sad..Not becouse of losing friends, education love or that kind of stuff...I dont know its like my thoughts r killed..i guess i should stop now...

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