August 07, 2009


today as being a student i ate pasta just few mins ago...from my point of view pasta is a "holly food" even it smells for me bullshit and discusting becouse of eating this damn food every single day...anyway but i really dont complain about eating pasta and egg everyday...i think if u are a student u shouldnt have a regular life...u shouldt eat nice and different food everyday..thats make us student and that makes it always to be memorable...anyway today somehow i made breakfast around 14.00 which means i was lucky today(i dont remember when i had breakfast last time).than i went out with my flatmate to the bank for taking our loans(also i m gonna write about it)..than we cam back to home after 5-6 hours later and we had plan to eat sth for dinner but when we came we started play ps and this evening there was a football match(first match of the turkish super league) so around the midnight i mean 1,5 hours ago we were at home..and we had to eat but there was no time and no stuff to cook except pasta and eggs..than i cooked my beautiful, delicious pasta with some butter..ofcourse it was not like in the picture...just pure pasta...i think the most memorable thing is pata for me in my uni life and its really holly!!!

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